Word of Life exists to be an instrument empowered by the Holy Spirit to motivate people to take their place in the body of Christ, becoming productive workers in the Kingdom of God.

In the month of October in 2003, I started a church with a fresh vision of starting something new and exciting. God had spoken to me to raise up a church in this valley that would be unpolluted by the broken cisterns of men. I began this work with a handful of people and a mind to work. It wasn’t easy, but nothing worth doing is, and before long more people caught my vision. In the last ten years I have seen the hand of God open up and show us His divine favor in many ways. In 2005, we were blessed to become part of the General Council of the Assemblies of God which has been a blessing both to us and them. They needed a church in this area and we needed to be part of a fellowship. We completed the construction of our facility with a shoestring budget and some very faithful members.

We are strong supporters of missionaries all over the world and have committed ourselves to our local harvest as well. We are involved in the community ministries of our area and enjoy our local partnerships. So here we are, ten years and growing, looking forward to the future that God has planned for us to labor til He comes.

In His Service 

Pastor Ed

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Word of Life